Three Ways to Make the Most Out of Your New Garage Renovation Project

Open Garage

The garage is one of those home assets that you probably are not getting the use out of that you would like.  The garage is one part of the home that can be very neglected over time when it comes to updates and improvements.  What many homeowners find though is that once they start to pay attention to the garage they realize all of the potential that it has and that it serves.

A garage renovation project is one that can be very rewarding.  Whether it entails a complete overhaul of the garage or a garage installation Jacksonville FL project to install new doors or something, it is all going to be rewarding from a value perspective.  There are some ways that you can make the most out of your garage renovation project, no matter which form it takes.

Use the Garage for Living Space

You probably just use the garage to hold stuff and nothing more than that.  Have you ever thought about adding a second floor to the garage for some extra living space?  This is something that many homeowners are starting to look into and really take advantage of.  A garage can make for a great structure to add on a new room to your home, whether it be a man-cave, a kids play room, or even a miniature apartment for your in-laws to hang out in when they need a guest spot to stay for the weekend.  When you add on to the garage you are making it more useful and also adding onto the living space of your home which is always a bonus.

Connect it to the Home

So many garages are not connected to the home.  This means that you pull your car into the garage and then you have to leave the garage to walk outside to go to your home.  When you are heading off to work in the cold of winter how nice would it be if you could just have the two structures connected?  A garage installation Jacksonville FL project can work this in.  Our renovation experts can help come up with a design that is going to give you this amazing benefit that a garage can bring to the table.  It is a great feeling when the garage is connected and you can hop in your car, open the door, and away you go.

Replace the Doors and Opener

When was the last time that you had your garage doors replaced?  Do you even have a garage door opener?  Both of these are renovations that can be done to a garage without breaking the bank.  There has been a vast number of improvements in recent years when its comes to garage door openers.  You can have one installed that can even work over the internet so that you can open and close your garage right from your smartphone.  As for the garage doors there are some amazing new country carriage styles that have to be seen to be believed.  Having any of this type of garage installation Jacksonville FL work done can be very rewarding to say the least.

Renovating your garage is something that can really add to the value of your home.  Your garage can be utilized to add outdoor living space, act as a great asset to help to hold your car and protect it from the elements, provide you with storage options, among other things.  It can add curb appeal and so much more when you properly care for the structure.  If you are not sure what to do with your old garage reach out to us at ARC Remodel & Construction and we can help you come up with some amazing renovation ideas to make the most of the structure.