Three Ideas to Help Make Your Bathroom Remodeling Project Extra Special

Modern Interior Of Bathroom

One of the rooms in your home that is probably one of the more enjoyable to remodel is that of the bathroom.  When you remodel your bathroom you are remodeling a room that gets a great deal of use.  Remodeling a bathroom can be a lot of fun simply due to the fact that you are not typically working with that much space and the space that you have a pretty much an open canvas.  A bathroom does not have to always match the style of the rest of your home.  You can have some fun with the creativity that you put into your bathroom remodeling project, especially if it is a bathroom that is off of the master bedroom or one that is out of the way where you are probably going to see and enjoy it more than your guests.  


There are ideas that you can follow to make your bathroom remodel Jacksonville FL that much more special.  When you set out to remodel a bathroom what you want to do is to think about how you can make the bathroom stand out, how can you make it different?  What are the steps that you can take to make your experience getting ready in the bathroom, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, a bath, all that much more enjoyable.  Your bathroom can really be a retreat if you design it that way.  We can work with you to make sure your bathroom remodel Jacksonville FL project is as extra special as can be.


Get Unique With the Sink


There are so many new options out there in terms of the sink that you can add to your bathroom.  The days of having the standard old granite sink with a basic faucet are long gone.  There is so much out there that you probably have not thought of and no matter how big or small your bathroom may be, a unique sink is one that can really stand out.  When you have some fun with the sink you are going to be getting the same functionality from it.  No matter what the design of your sink and faucet may be in the bathroom, you are still going to have water flowing and that’s the key.  Think about some fun options out there though such as an Asia-inspired design or one that is more rustic.  Bathroom remodel Jacksonville FL can encompass pretty much any sink and faucet design that you can think of.  Let us show you some of the great options that are available to you for your bathroom remodeling project.


The Beach Theme


We all dream of making our bathroom that special retreat, a place where we can go to escape for a little while, relax, unwind, and either get ready for a day or recover from one that has come to an end.  The day at the beach theme may be something that you think is overdone, but there are just so many options that exist with it that you probably want to take another look.  We have seen bathroom remodel Jacksonville FL projects with beach themes that have what appears to be stone riverbeds within the tiles.  We have also seen sand-appearing walls, recessed cabinets to give it that open look, among other things.  The beach theme may be one that has been practiced a few times in bathrooms, but it is still one that can really give you an amazing look.


Shelves in Small Spaces


Do you have a bathroom that is a bit smaller in size?  This does not mean that you have to sacrifice storage.  Think about having shelving built right into the walls, even in the shower.  You can have a nice tile shower put in place where the shelves are built right into the walls so that you do not need anything extra built out.  This can save you a lot of space and give you the storage that you need so badly as well.
There are plenty of different ideas that you can go with for your bathroom remodel Jacksonville FL.  It is all about figuring out what you want from a vision perspective and acting on that vision.  We can work with you to help take your ideas and turn them into a reality.  It all starts with a call out to us and a plan and commitment to making your bathroom the best that it can be.