Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Office Space

Spring cleaning is no fun, we know, but it’s a necessity. We spend most of our time in the office so it’s important it gets a deep clean every once in a while. This is a great opportunity to take an hour out of your busy schedule to focus on cleaning. Organization and sanitation in the workplace are vital to reduce sickness and maintain efficiency. Whether your in a home office, cubicle or shared workspace, try out these tips we’ve put together for spring cleaning around the office:


Purge Your Inbox

Spring is the best time to take back control of that messy inbox! Over time, our inboxes get full of clutter so every once in a while it’s necessary to set aside an hour to do a deep clean. Get rid of everything no longer relevant and organize everything remaining in the proper folders. Take a second to purge, unsubscribe from recurring spam and maybe even pick a new background to keep things fresh.


Eliminate Clutter

Just like your overflowing inbox, your overloaded desk is tough to navigate and distracting. Get rid of everything that’s no longer relevant. As for everything you might still need, create a desk file and put any important documents remaining in there. This way, if you ever find you need something from the past, you’ll have it close by.


Disinfect the Desks

Over time desks collect a disgusting amount of germs and dust. Even though we may do a wipe down every once in a while, it’s crucial to do a deep clean now and then. Offices and schools are the most prevalent places for germs to fester so it’s super important to keep things relatively clean.


Flooring Facelift

Carpet carries an unimaginable amount of dirt and germs! We recommend blocking out a good amount of time during spring cleaning to revive your floors. Your carpet should be steamed every 12-18 months, depending on the foot traffic in the office. If your office has a wood floor, consider the last time you did a deep clean with chemicals.



If your office space is out-of-date or simply needs something to keep things fresh, consider a remodel! ARC Construction, the best commercial remodel company in Jacksonville, is ready to tackle any projects you might have.


If your building doesn’t have a janitorial crew, give your staff the responsibility to work together to maintain everyday cleaning tasks. Create an office cleaning checklist and rotate who’s in charge of what task for the week. Include tasks such as washing dishes, taking out the trash, cleaning glass door or windows and sanitizing surfaces. This is also a way to enhance your staff’s teamwork skills! For any further questions on office remodel, call ARC Construction. Happy spring cleaning!