Simple Renovation Projects to Tackle this Summer

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Summer is winding down and we’re headed into the Fall season. We all know what that means: holidays are right around the corner. Lucky for you, there’s still time left this summer for simple home renovations that’ll put your home in tip-top shape for family visits. Get a head start on renos this summer, it’ll give you the advantage when you plan events later on this year. You’ll have less stress and more time to party plan. We’re here to give you inspiration for the best renovations your home will see this summer. Check them out:


Painting the House


A fresh coat of paint is all you need to give your home a brand new attitude. Your style changes from year to year or even from month to month, this means you’ve probably outgrown your house’s paint color. This isn’t a bad thing because change is good! Pick up some gallons of paint and start getting that in your realm of design. We suggest a neutral color to compliment your landscaping (but hey, no one’s stopping you from going bold with a bright yellow!)In fact, we encourage you to express your personality and paint your house any color you desire. Besides, you have to live with it and we don’t!




The front yard is your first impression on any passerby or house guest. Because of this, it needs to look good. Just like fashion and home decor, plants go in and out of style with each season. Succulents and lush house trees are major statements right now, for example. Impress your visitors with an on-trend flower bed full of vibrant succulents and seasonal plants. We suggest beautiful flowers such as marigolds and hydrangeas. Put your green thumb to use to brighten up your house this summer.


Home Addition


Need more room for all of your family and guests? Stretch out a little and go with a new home addition. This flex space allows for more decorating and possibly more storage (because c’mon, it’s hard to swallow paying $100+ per month for a storage unit…) Avoid overcrowding your friends and family by adding some square footage. You can use this new space as a game room, kids room, or a den for entertaining, the options are endless.


Pool Installation


People make a home in Jacksonville for a million reasons, but there’s no denying that the year-round perfect weather is a major selling point. When the weather is this good all year, putting in a pool is a no-brainer. This home improvement not only helps you enjoy your home more, but it also increases your home’s value. Sure, it’s for your enjoyment, but there’s no denying the investment perks! Overall, installing a pool is a good idea for you and your guests.


Your home has extreme potential all you need is a few hours and a keen eye for design. There may be a few parts of your home that need some tender love and care, take a gander around the home and fit these small fixes into your schedule. Also, pay attention to your evolving design eye. You may want to change some things up just for the fun of it, and we encourage that! Like we said, change is good, especially when it comes to your home.