Renovation Time, Three Reasons to Renovate Your Home Kitchen in the New Year

Renovation Time, Three Reasons to Renovate Your Home Kitchen in the New Year

photo of a modern kitchen with nice light

One of the great things about owning a home is that it is yours to mold, yours to craft into exactly what you want it to be.  This is where a home renovation project comes into play as you do have the ability to change your home for the better, take a room that is aging and remake it into something modern, something brand new, and unique to your tastes.  In the New Year, renovation time is here for so many homeowners, and one of the best ways to renovate is to start with your home kitchen.

Our team of home renovations Jacksonville FL professionals is ready and willing to assist you with your kitchen remodeling project.  We can walk you through the whole design process step by step, explain your options, as well as help you understand the many benefits that a home renovation project can bring.  Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for your home due to it being such a focal point of the home space.  Taking that into account, why delay such a useful project?

Make the Kitchen More Functional

Home renovations Jacksonville FL project that focus in on the kitchen can be great for the overall function of the space.  You may be able to add more cabinets, extend out the existing cabinets that you always have, maybe make them go all of the ways up to the ceiling, and so on.  Regarding function, this can assist you with both storages, as well as accessibility.

When you are working in a kitchen, accessibility and the overall layout of the space is important.  Things should flow from one area to the next so that you do not have to worry about walking all of the ways across the kitchen to get a knife, only to then have to walk several feet the other way to the cutting area and fridge.  You want this all to come together so that cooking is made easier, not harder.

Visual Flair

There is something to be said for giving your kitchen a bit more flair than it has today.  There are so many kitchens that still look as though they are stuck in the 1970s or the 1980s.  When the time comes to do home renovations Jacksonville FL project, honing in on this aging kitchen probably makes a lot of sense.  Even if you do not want to gut the kitchen and start over completely, you can renovate it with some paint, some new hardware for the cabinets, countertops, and so on to make space look brand new in an inexpensive manner.

Energy Efficiency Gains

When you go to renovate your kitchen, chances are you are going to work to make it more energy efficient as well, whether you mean to or not.  Changing out the appliances in your kitchen brings you the benefits of energy efficiency gains.  New stoves, new cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, they are all going to use a lot less energy than the ones that you have to do will.  This means you will be spending less on energy costs month to month to run them, and also reducing your carbon footprint in the world at the same time.

Home Value

This one is a given, but you are going to increase the value of your home by doing a kitchen renovation project.  Estimates that are out there state that you can expect to recoup at least 60% to 70% of your kitchen remodeling costs regarding increased home value right on the spot.  If you are going to be selling your home, that return could even exceed the cost depending on how much a budget you can keep the project.

Home renovations Jacksonville FL professionals, our team of experts, can assist you with your kitchen remodel every step of the way.  We can work with you and your budget to be sure you get that dream kitchen at a price that you can afford.  With the New Year, why not bring it in with a new kitchen as well.