Plastic vs. Wood: What Material to Choose for Your New Deck

Plastic vs. Wood: What Material to Choose for Your New Deck

House Painter Wearing Facial Protection Spray Painting A Deck of A Home.

The first material that pops into your head when you think about a deck is likely wood.  In recent years, though, manufactured plastic has begun to make its mark in the industry.  The DIY heroes, as well as top professionals, are turning to plastic more than ever for their deck installation Jacksonville FL job.  Which material is best for you and your family?  When you’re building a deck as a home remodel Jacksonville FL project, should you go with wood or plastic?

The Facts Around Real Wood

Real wood is the most commonly used material for a deck installation Jacksonville FL due to the cost.  The initial cost of entry, when you compare real wood to plastic, is going to be in favor of the natural material.  Natural wood is commonly available and will come pressure treated, ready to be installed and can withstand the outdoors.

The biggest takeaway from natural wood is that it is going to require a lot more maintenance.  With wood, you are going to want to be taking action to seal it and stain it as time goes by.  The stain and paint will protect it from the sun, rain and other elements.  Natural wood is going to be the cheaper option, but it is also going to cost you more in maintenance with time and money.

Plastic Gaining in Popularity

Plastic is gaining popularity.  The initial cost of plastic as part of your deck installation Jacksonville FL is going to be more than wood.  As a material, this manufactured product has a much higher price tag per square foot.  The amazing thing about it is that it requires little to no maintenance.

Once you have a composite deck installed, as the plastic material is known in the industry, you are ready to go.  That deck could continue for 20 or 30 years and require absolutely nothing for maintenance. You do not have to spend any amount of time staining the deck or trying to repair chips in it as you would with wood. Once you have a plastic deck in place, you are set to enjoy it.

Weighing the Options

The wood deck solution is an excellent choice if you are someone who does not mind the maintenance and can tackle it on your own.  When you get a wood deck and have to hire people to paint and maintain it over the years, you may be better off just going the plastic route.  Both look great with a variety of colors available for plastic and the ability to paint wood anything you would like.

The home remodel Jacksonville FL projects we take on vary regarding wood or plastic.  Every consumer is going to be different with varying tastes and needs.  Think about all of the positives and negatives we discussed when weighing plastic against wood.  Reach out to us, the deck installation Jacksonville FL professionals, so we can help guide you down this path and deliver on the deck project with perfection.