Important Things to Consider Before Installing a Hardwood Floor

The idea of adding hardwood floor to a home is incredibly appealing.  Ripping up those old and stained rugs, and having a professional lay hardwood floor is certainly going to make a massive difference to the way a home looks. Some considerations should be made through before you go ahead and have a hardwood floor installed.  You want to think about the floor itself and if it makes sense for the home, as well as what you should be doing to prepare for installation day.  A home remodel Jacksonville FL needs to be something properly planned and thought through.


Does Hardwood Floor Make Sense?Important Things to Consider Before Installing a Hardwood Floor

The first and most important question to consider is whether or not hardwood floor makes sense.  Hardwood is a beautiful material to use for flooring, but not in all rooms.  Think about a bathroom, for example.  Hardwood flooring is going to be susceptible to being damaged when water is allowed to sit on it for elongated periods of time.  Taking this into account, laying this material down on a bathroom floor is not likely to be ideal.  A kitchen, however, may make a lot more sense and the same can be said for a living room.


You want to take into account these considerations so that you can determine whether or not a hardwood floor is something you will truly get benefits from.


Preparing for Installation Day

There are also considerations that need to be made as you prepare for installation day, assuming you are moving forward with the hardwood floors.  Breakable items should certainly be removed from the immediate areas of the home.  Make sure that if you have pictures hanging right above where the floor will be installed that they are out of the way.  It is not that they will get bumped, but the hammering down of the flooring could certainly disrupt their durability.


Get an understanding with the installation company you hire of who is removing furniture.  Some home remodel Jacksonville FL professionals expect homeowners to clear the area.  The reality is that this confusion can lead to delays and a lot of headaches for both you and the installer.


Do you have doors that will be opening and closing over the new flooring?  Floor height requirements may cause you to need to make adjustments to the doors to allow them to open and close properly.  If you are not careful in this regard, you could end up with a new floor that blocks a door from opening entirely.


There are two facets to the home remodel Jacksonville FL conversation when you are talking about hardwood flooring.  The first is whether or not you should be moving forward with the installation.  The second decision point, once that is figured out, is what you have to do to prepare for the big event.  Having hardwood floors installed adds tremendous value and can bring a lot to your home.  Just make sure you do your due diligence and are prepared for what the job entails!