Home Improvement Trends to Look for in 2017

Home Improvement Trends to Look for in 2017

Modern traditional kitchen design in new luxury home features dark gray cabinets white quartz and granite countertops glossy gray linear tile backsplash and large kitchen island. Northwest USA

A new year brings a whole slate of new home improvement trends that you want to be on the lookout for. The housing market is in better shape than it has been in a decade according to many experts.  New homes are being built and existing homes are being renovated.  With all of the billions being spent this year by homeowners on home improvement projects, what are the big trends going to be?  If you are doing a home remodel Jacksonville FL, having an awareness of some of the trends to look out for can help you stay on the cutting edge and maybe even be introduced to an idea or concept you have not seen before.

Design and construction professionals like us at ARC are being pushed to the limits.  We are getting out there and using our years of knowledge and experience to do home remodel Jacksonville FL work that is second to none, that is on the cusp of modern design.  Let us take a closer look at some of the big home improvement trends to look out for in 2017 that we are already executing on and that you should be well aware of.


Appliances Bursting with Technology

One of the big trends that we are seeing is a huge boom in terms of technology for the appliances that you have in the home.  Take the refrigerator for example.  That is one appliance that is now having more technology than ever before and the adoption rate of it is alarming.  These refrigerators now have windows that let you see right inside, without ever opening the door.  Some of them have coffee makers that are built into the doors, never mind just the typical water dispenser which we all used to be amazed with.  Dishwashers are having LCD screens built onto them, while everything is seemingly being connected to the Internet to communicate in a smart environment.

The cooking arena is going to be the most impacted by this trend in 2017 as induction cooking is getting cheaper.  Cooktops, as well as ranges with induction technology are more affordable than ever and will have high penetration rates this year.


Matte Finishes Making a Comeback

How many times have you walked into a kitchen to see granite countertops, stainless steel appliances? Those include the trends that have been present for the past five years or so at this point.  There has been a change in terms of the desires of many consumers though, and they are starting to lean more towards that of matte finishes.

The matte finishes are inviting to homeowners because of the vibe that they create inside of a home. They are all about warmth, creating that home feel that you see when you want to do a home remodel Jacksonville FL.


Toilets That Are Always Clean

Have you ever thought that you would own a toilet that actually cleans itself?  Companies are out there working on this type of technology and you are going to see it far more frequently in 2017.  The shining example of this is from a company known as Toto.  The toilet will literally work to clean the bowl on its own, using technology such as a UV light in the seat to get rid of any bacteria and such in the bowl, misting the bowl prior to use, among other amazing features.  Cleaning the bathroom is about to become much less daunting of a task.

The home improvement trends continue in 2017 with some amazing stuff.  The toilets, and the appliances speak to the technological takeover that is happening in the home remodel Jacksonville FL space.  Smaller appliances are making a comeback, as well as new open concept floor plans to make the most out of smaller homes and rooms.  We at ARC are here to help guide you through these trends and help you take advantage of them at every turn possible.