General Contractor Jacksonville FL

General contractors that are willing to take on jobs big and small are simply hard to come by. You have probably heard of situations where you have had neighbors call up about trying to have something fixed, only for a general contractor to tell them that the job is too small for the to take on. Vice versa, if you are in need of a large project, finding someone that can handle that can also be a hassle. We at ARC Remodel & Construction can take on any project, whether it takes us a few hours or a few months to get done.


Carpentry Services

What we will do as your general contractor Jacksonville FL here when it comes to carpentry is help you create the interior or exterior design of your dreams. We take a great deal of pride in quality craftsmanship and work with integrity. When we come onboard for any carpentry project, we are going to do so with an open mind and a hope that we can achieve what you are envisioning.



The floor of any home or business is very important. Every single person that walks through a home or business is going to have a relationship with the floor. Whether they are just walking on it, spill something on it, etc., the floor is going to have to do its job. We are a professional, experienced flooring contractor that can help you with all types of flooring. Whether it be vinyl, laminate, tile, hardwood, or something else, we can meet anything you will be looking for.


Quality Decks

A deck is very important in a place like Jacksonville, FL due to how much time you spend outdoors. General contractor Jacksonville FL need stop be able to help set you up with the deck of your dreams. This means working with subcontractors in the construction business that are going to help create the ultimate deck solution for you as a homeowner or business owner. Creating and crafting an outdoor living space is a lot of fun and when you do so you are going to increase the value of your property that much more.


General Maintenance

Any home or business needs to have some maintenance taken care of from time to time. This is all of the small jobs such as replacing an exterior door, switching out a broken window, replacing a bulkhead, and so on. These are the jobs that we take great pride in by working with skilled technicians that can get these jobs done for you.

General contractor Jacksonville FL is all about helping set you up with the talent that you need to make your dreams come true. Whether it is remodeling a kitchen, adding a deck to a home, switching out a roof, flooring, we are going to be there to help lead the way.

When it comes to your Home or Business, trust ARC Remodel & Construction!