Focusing on the Outdoors, Why an Exterior Home Remodel is Beneficial

Focusing on the Outdoors, Why an Exterior Home Remodel is Beneficial

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First impressions have a big impact on the perceived value of your home.  The first visual that anyone has of your house is going to be the exterior.  Friends that are visiting you for the holidays, neighbors that are out for a stroll, potential buyers that are looking to purchase your home, that initial focus point is always going to be on curb appeal.  The impact that curb appeal has on your home’s perceived value can give credence to why you may want to embark on an exterior home remodel Jacksonville FL.

The most common location that homeowners will work to remodel is the home’s interior.  The reason for remodeling the interior of a home is usually because that is where you spend the most time.  Remodeling a kitchen or renovating it, for example, can make the kitchen look that much better, give it more functional assets.  In the event that your home looks old from the outside, though, how are people going to know of its inner beauty?

Curb Appeal Makes a Home

The fact of the matter is that curb appeal truly makes a home.  In the event that you are looking to sell a home, this is amplified that much more.  You can have a home that looks amazing on the inside, but if the exterior looks bad, with old siding, windows, landscaping that looks poor, it is going to just turn people away right out of the gate.  

Lower Maintenance Requirements

Going with a home remodel Jacksonville FL that focuses on the home’s exterior is going to allow you to enjoy lower maintenance requirements.  Think about all of the maintenance that an aging home exterior needs when it comes to older wooden siding, window frames that need constant painting, and so on.  When you go through the process of remodeling your home’s exterior, a lot of that is going to simply go away.

An exterior home remodel Jacksonville FL can work to make your home more maintenance free.  Think about all of the benefits and lower maintenance requirements that go along with vinyl siding versus wooden.  The same can be said for doing landscaping properly, with weed blocking, plants that will grow back annually, and so on.  

Energy Efficiency Gains

There are a lot of energy efficiency gains that you can get out of a home remodel Jacksonville FL project as well.  This can start with the landscaping to give your home more shade than it currently has.  Grow some baby trees and help, over time, to work to cut down on your energy bill by blocking some of the sun.

Improve the exterior with a new roof, new siding, windows, and you will find that your home’s insulation is also going to experience some nice gains.  The benefits that you experience from a home remodel in the energy efficiency department mean more money in your pocket month to month, simple as that.

Help the Neighborhood

Community is something that is very important to a lot of people.  As a community, you should all be working together to try and make the neighborhood as good as it possibly can be.  An exterior home remodel Jacksonville FL can allow you to achieve community improvement.  When you can work to make your home look great, it is going to increase the perceived value of not only your residence, but the entire neighborhood as a whole.  When all of the home’s look great, it is only going to assist with the home values across the board that much more.

An exterior home remodel can do so many great things for homeowners.  You may be looking to sell your home or just increase its value and both can be accomplished simply by remodeling that exterior look.  Curb appeal has a bigger impact that you think, as does the energy efficiency gains you can get from this type of remodel as well.  Our team of professionals can work with you to consult on your exterior home remodel and come up with a plan to make your residence look just perfect inside and out.