Five Unique Flooring Options To Consider For a Home Bedroom Renovation

Flooring Sections Of Wood Cork And Tile

When you think long and hard about the bedroom or bedrooms that you have in your home, the main ting that you are probably going to be on the lookout for is comfort.  You want your bedroom to be a haven of peace and serenity.  When you walk into your bedroom it should be a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed.  When the time comes to go through a home bedroom renovation project, you want to take into account everything from the flooring Jacksonville FL to the paint and the light fixtures.  All of this should come together to help create that bedroom style that you are looking for.  Flooring Jacksonville FL can have a major impact on the state of a home bedroom and when you consider all of the options out there it should help lead you to the best possible choice.



When you think about carpet for flooring Jacksonville FL you are probably going with one of the more popular options out there.  Carpet is great because of how very soft and warm that it is on the feet of an individual.  When you are thinking carpeting, you may not be thinking unique, but there are ways that you can go with different forms of carpet that can really help your bedroom set itself apart from the rest.  Carpet is great due to the insulation that it brings, as well as the cost.  Efficiency has risen in the carpet manufacturing space helping drive down prices.  The big drawback to carpeting is how difficult it can be to clean should it be spilled on.


Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring Jacksonville FL is also up there as a very popular type of floor to put down for a bedroom.  While it may not be as soft as carpeting, hardwood flooring is still going to be softer and warmer thanks something such as a tile floor.  You can also easily combine hardwood flooring Jacksonville FL with area rugs to get that perfect combination put together.  The biggest drawback here is the cost as hardwood floors, though they can last decades, can be pricey.


Cork Flooring

Now we get to some of the more unusual types of flooring Jacksonville FL out there.  Cork flooring is starting to gain in popularity compared to the others, but has a long way to go.  This type of flooring is very soft on the feet, almost feeling like you are walking on a sponge.  With the way that the cork flooring is filled with air bubbles as well, it helps to not only reduce noise, but also helps to insulate and retain heat.  The big drawback with this type of flooring is it can scratch easily, so beware if you have pets.



Vinyl is the best choice is you are looking for a very versatile floor that is going to be easy to care for and also help to keep you on a strict budget.  When you combine vinyl flooring with a nice padding underneath it you are going to get a great look with many of the benefits of hardwood and carpet, for a fraction of the price.



Laminate is very similar to vinyl flooring in terms of being pretty easy to maintain and also being low in the cost department.  With laminate flooring you are going to be getting the look of a hardwood floor for a fraction of the price.  You also do not have to worry about damaging the floor like you would hardwood.  The durability may not be at the same level, but considering the low price, it is easy to replace after some years go by.

Flooring Jacksonville FL options are important to consider as you go through a home bedroom renovation project.  The good thing is that there are plenty of options to be had so take into account everything we have listed above and more.  We are just a phone call away to talk you through some of these options, their benefits, and how they may make the most sense for your new bedroom.