Five Signs it is Time to Think About Replacing Your Home Windows

Close-up of an old window with room for text

Have you been thinking about replacing your home windows, but are just not sure as to whether or not it is completely necessary as of yet?  This is a struggle that many owners of homes are going to go through.  You have these assets, your windows, but you are just not sure if the time is right to invest all of that money to replace them.  What should you be on the lookout for as triggers that tell you yes, now is the time to replace those windows?  Window replacement Jacksonville FL can be aided by professionals such as us at ARC Remodel & Construction.  We can work with you to help you figure out if the time is right and what it will take to get you set up with brand new vinyl windows that are going to last long-term.


Cold Air Coming Through


One of the biggest signs that it is time for a window replacement Jacksonville FL project is that you are getting a lot of pretty serious drafts coming in through the windows.  The best windows in the world are going to allow some air to pass through, but it should never be to the point where you are actually noticing it.  As windows get older, the glass and the frames are going to begin to break down.  When this happens the air is going to begin to pass through them more and more.  When you have noticeable drafts it is probably indicative of an air leak that is present.  Sealing and weather stripping are only going to go so far to help you eliminate these drafts; window replacement Jacksonville FL is usually necessary.


Trouble Opening and Closing


How hard is it for you to open and close your windows?  When you have older single hung or double hung windows, what begins to happen is that the track that the windows are on starts to break down.  When you simply cannot open or close your windows the right way, it is a tell tale sign that you probably need to get some new ones.  Windows have a balance in them that allows them to open and close in a smooth manner.  Once that balance fails, so does that smooth opening and closing.  Window replacement Jacksonville FL should be considered when you cannot open and close them with ease.


Condensation Visible


Double pane and triple pane windows can end up with what is known as condensation right between the glass.  When this occurs it is a sign of a serious issue that is taking place with the windows, one that you certainly need to act on and try and resolve in a prompt fashion.  When you have condensation between multiple panes of glass in a window, it means that you probably have a failure with the seal of the window.  When that seal fails the condensation is allowed to enter and gone is all of the insulation benefits.


High Energy Bill


Are you starting to notice that you are paying more now for electricity than you did a few years ago?  This could be a sign that your home is simply not as energy efficient as it used to be.  When you are racking up energy bills it may be time to think about window replacement Jacksonville FL.  Brand new windows can help your home from an insulation perspective to allow your heating and or cooling equipment to run that much more efficiently.


Windows are Old


Sometimes windows simply being old is sign enough that you need window replacement Jacksonville FL.  This is completely understandable as older windows may be starting to show those negative signs we talked about above, or will be showing those signs very soon.  If you have windows that are 10-year older or more, replacing them is something that you certainly should be considering.
Window replacement Jacksonville FL is usually best when it is done in a proactive manner.  Have a firm understanding of the warning signs of aging windows and see if those apply to what you have in your home.  If any of them do, take timely action to get things resolved in as fast of a manner as possible.