Five Handicap Additions That Can Make Your Jacksonville FL Home More Accessible

Woman In A Wheelchair Using A Ramp

Getting old is never any fun, but that does not mean that your quality of life and independence has to suffer as a result of it.  We continue to see people every single day begin to make their own homes more handicapped accessible.  What this allows is for people to continue to live independently for longer, to continue to be able to do the things that they love, and also be able to reside in the home that they have managed to make so many memories in.

You do not need to move out of your home just because you need your home to be more handicapped accessible.  These are some additions that we can work with you on to make so that your home can be that much more easily navigated.  This goes a long way to allowing you to keep on doing what you like to do, reduce the risk of injury in the home due to falls and such, and just keep quality of life high.


Grab Bars and Railings

Grab bars and railings are one of the easiest handicap additions Jacksonville FL that we add to so many homes.  Think of the difference something a grab bar can make when you want help getting on and off of the couch or in and out of bed.  Just going up and down stairs can be a real danger when you do not have a railing either.  We can work with you to get a railing installed so that the risk of fall and industry is minimized as much as possible. Railings help with balance a great deal.


Entry Ramps

The older that we get the harder that it is to do things such as the stairs into our homes.  What if you could bypass the stairs and have something that was a bit easier to manage?  This is where an entry ramp comes into play.  Now, if you have a powered wheel chair or just a regular wheel chair, it can go right up the ramp and into the house without any issue at all.  Entry ramps can make living in a home that requires some stairs to get up it that much more handicapped accessible and is one of the easier handicap additions Jacksonville FL homeowners choose.


Stair Lifts

When it is too dangerous to even use a railing to get up and down the stairs, stair lifts are another thing that can be installed.  You probably have seen stair lifts advertised on television before and they really do perform as advertised.  When you live in a home that is multiple stories this can be pretty much a requirement as you get older to get up and down those stairs.


Walk In Tubs

Taking a tub is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things that you can do on your own in your home.  Getting in and out of the tub gets progressively more dangerous though as we get older.  What we can do to help you with a handicap additions Jacksonville FL is to install what is known as a walk in tub.  This saves you from having to step over and into the tub and risk falling and injury.


Wider Doorways and Hallways

Wheel chairs, walkers, all things that become second nature as we get older.  What can happen though is that when you have a home that has narrow hallways and or doorways, it can be hard to get around with these instruments, all of which are pretty much a requirement.  Handicap additions Jacksonville FL can entail widening doorways and hallways to help with this.

It can be a truly value-add activity to make your home that much more handicapped accessible.  Even if you are not yet at the point where you need all of the things listed above, making small changes over a period of time is going to ensure that your house remains safe, that you can remain independent for longer, and also retain your quality of life you have come to expect.