Deck Materials that Go Beyond Traditional Wood

Composite Wood Decking, White Marble Gravel And Stone Brick Pavi, Backyard Dry Patio Or Terrace Surface In Perspective View.

When you want to update the look of your deck, you don’t have a shortage of options if traditional wood isn’t for you. The days of going with a wood deck installation for your Jacksonville, FL home are over!You now have choices including aluminum and composites when doing a home remodel.We at ARC Remodel & Construction are here to help guide you through the process.


New or Restorative Project

When you’re trying to choose a material for your new deck, you’re likely installing a whole new deck to your home. Or, you may also be taking an existing deck and restoring it.Whether it is a new build or a restorative effort, choosing the proper materials is pivotal.Just because you started with a traditional wood deck doesn’t mean you have to stick with it when you restore it.


Composite For the Win?

Composite decking is the fastest growing deck material sold today.There are dozens of major manufacturers that specialize in composite.When we work with customers at ARC Remodel & Construction, this material is a frequent topic and so is choosing between polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride.


Composite can come in a range of colors and has incredible durability.It doesn’t require any maintenance meaning zero painting or staining over the years.This makes it a very weather resistant option.Some of the more popular composite brands that exist include Trex, Timbertech and CorrectDeck.


Aluminum to Keep Cool

You may not think of aluminum as an ideal option for decking, but there is a case for it!Many favorite brands like LockDry and AridDeck specialize in aluminum decking.The great thing about aluminum decks is that they won’t rot out on you, rust or warp.They are also extremely weather resistant.  The build of aluminum decking is simply locking the planks together.You will end up with a gap-free and watertight deck that can be appealing to the eye and also very functional.Self-draining channels are also built in to dispose of any rainwater that hits.


When doing a deck installation project around your home, you also want to think about heat.Ever stepped on a deck that has been out in the hot sun all day?It can burn!Aluminum decking is a material that stays much cooler than either wood or composite, helping keep your feet protected on those barefoot days.


Deck materials can go far beyond just traditional wood.Think outside the box when doing a home remodel of your Jacksonville, FL residence.Whether it is a new build or a restorative effort, we at ARC Remodel & Construction can help walk you through the many decking material options available.Reach out today and get the project started!