Comparing the Different Types of Roof Materials

Comparing Different Types of Roof Materials

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Most of us do not realize the real value of our roof until it is too late.  It takes a leak for us to understand just how vital of an asset it is to our home.  The roof provides us with a lot of benefits regarding protecting us from the elements.  A roof can also help with the energy efficiency rating of the home.  Also, a roof can be an actual aesthetic boom to a residence, assisting in boosting curb appeal, the overall positive outlook of the home.  When the time comes as part of your home renovations Jacksonville FL to replace your roof, though, which material should you choose?  There are quite a few options to consider.



Fiberglass asphalt shingles are the most popular material out there today when it comes to roof materials.  They are made of a base mat of fiberglass that has been woven together.  It has a waterproof asphalt coating on top of it and also to protect the home from the UV rays of the sun.  The range of colors and styles that these shingles come in, as well as the economic cost, make them an ideal choice.


Solid Wood

Wood shingles are another widespread option for you to consider.  These are hand-split pieces of wood that can provide the home with a lot of gains regarding protecting it from the elements, but also in the appeal department.  If you are trying to get the home to have more of a rustic look, the wooden appearance of the shingles, though more costly than asphalt, may be worth it!



Slate is another material that is commonly used for roofs.  This is a rock material that is known to be very sturdy and durable.  It is more costly to install when compared to wood, as well as vinyl, but the result is impressive, to say the least.  You have all sorts of color options with this roofing material.  It looks great and requires little to no maintenance once installed.



Clay shingles are also produced.  They are typically going to be molded in shapes that allow them to interlock into one another.  The clay material is usually a solid option for homes in the south due to the way that they protect the home from intense heat.  A home can be kept cooler thanks to the energy efficiency gains and sun protection that a material such as clay provides.

No matter what you end up choosing regarding roof materials, always make sure that whatever you pick gives you satisfaction in the three significant areas.  You want protection to ensure you do not end up with leaks.  You also want to get some gains regarding energy efficiency.  Last, but not least, you also want the home to look great, and the roof can add to that.  Our home renovations Jacksonville FL team is here to assist you once you are ready to do that needed roof replacement!