7 House Renovations You Shouldn’t DIY

7 House Renovations You Shouldn’t DIY

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There are certain house renovations that you certainly can take on by yourself.  Think about some of the simple things, such as replacing the hardware on your cabinets, switching out the paint that you have in a room.  Several of the house renovation projects that exist are of the DIY variety, while others simply are not.  Jacksonville remodel companies like ours are here to help you with those more difficult projects.  Our home renovations Jacksonville FL teams can assist you with the things you are not comfortable doing.

Remodeling a Bathroom

The process of remodeling a bathroom is much more involved than you likely realize.  There is a lot that goes into the bathroom remodel process.  You need to have skills in the areas of plumbing, as well as electrical when you go to upgrade anything inside of the space.  You also need to know how to do things such as replacing a bathtub or shower, sink, toilet.  All of these go beyond basic plumbing as you want to be sure that connections are tight and sealed, that shut-offs are where they should be, all while making sure it looks exactly as you would expect.

Replacing a Roof

Home renovations Jacksonville FL teams should also caution you about replacing the roof that you have on your own.  A roof is the big line of defense that you have against the elements outside.  When there is a big rain storm, it is the roof that is working to keep all of that water outside.  The better that your roof is, the more insulated that your home is going to be overall.

Changing Countertops

Countertops are another tricky area Jacksonville remodel companies should be called on to do.  The countertops that you have in your kitchen or bathroom are going to get a lot of attention.  In most cases they are the focal point of the room, and you need to treat them accordingly.  If you want new granite countertops and you desire for them to be installed properly, take the time to have it done right.

Updating Home Siding

Home siding is similar to a roof in terms of the barrier that it provides to protect the inside of your home from the outside elements.  When it is time to upgrade the siding of your home with new vinyl siding or wood siding, have it done by a pro so that they can have that insulation barrier there, they can be sure that the siding is tight and sealed, and that your home has the visual appeal benefits it was expected to gain as well.

Replacing an Exterior Door or Windows

The front door or windows to your home are not as easy DIY projects as you may think.  There is a lot that goes into making sure that the old windows are removed with minimal damage being done, that the new doors or windows are installed in a level manner, that they are insulated and sealed around, etc.  Home renovations Jacksonville FL companies should be taking these jobs on, not DIY homeowners.

Reinforcing an Aging Deck

Do you have a deck that is really starting to show its age?  Ever think about putting in the work on your own to try and reinforce the deck?  Reinforcing an aging deck takes some engineering knowledge so that you are not just reinforcing areas that do not need it.  Finding the weak points of the deck is pivotal and then strategically working to renovate and reinforce it must be handled with due care.

Home Flooring Upgrades

Home flooring is just as tricky as countertops because you want the flooring to be perfect, to be level, and also to show off some flashy visual appeal.  Jacksonville remodel companies should be handling things such as the installation of hardwood floors, of tile flooring, and so on so that it is done right the first time.

There are several home renovations Jacksonville FL projects you can do on your own, while others are best to be left up to a professional.  Think through the various projects you have on your to do list and decipher early what you should be doing on your own versus what you should be hiring our professionals to do for you.