To paint or not to paint? To replace or not to replace? These are the questions we commonly ask ourselves when trying to find that perfect balance between time/money spent and results. The struggle is real, and trying to decipher where to focus your efforts can be dizzying. In a city like Jacksonville, where no two rental properties are alike, it can feel overwhelming when deciding which steps to take first. Here are four helpful tips:


Kitchen & Bathroom: The Main Focus


Your kitchen and bathroom are the two main places that can make or break a property.

A renter can walk through a house in awe, thinking it’s their dream home then walk into a bathroom that looks like it hasn’t been remodeled since the 80s and is completely turned away. At the same time, trying to go in the opposite direction with a super modern, trendy kitchen or bathroom might not be the best move if you’re trying to appeal to a wide range of renters. It’s important to remember trends come and go. Distressed wood in your kitchen was a common trend at one time, but it was just a quick fad; An all-white bathroom is picturesque in theory, but in reality, it’s a recipe for disaster; Hanging pots and pans in your kitchen may have seemed like a good idea a few years ago, but now this arrangement comes across as cluttered and outdated. Keeping your kitchen and bathroom areas clean, sharp and simple will pay off in more ways than one.


Little Details Make a Big Difference


Sometimes when you know your property needs a considerable amount of work, thinking of it as one huge project can feel overwhelming and costly. Don’t forget that little details can make all the difference, so it might be more helpful to think of the project as a bunch of little jobs. Repair furniture and appliances before replacing and changing out fixtures. Things like door knobs, cabinet hardware and blinds are likely to endure a lot of wear from previous renters, and these are some of the first things your next renters will notice when the property turns over.


Simple and Clean Landscaping


Landscaping is essential to the curb appeal of your home, but at the end of the day, investments that add to the interior of your home will have a greater effect on your ROI. Don’t sweat the exterior too much. The most important part of landscaping is keeping a healthy, freshly cut lawn. A patchy and overgrown lawn is a rental property nightmare that is easily preventable. Keep shrubbery maintained and add fresh mulch to plant beds for the ultimate finishing touch.


Give Renters a Vision


When preparing a property, it’s important to create an environment that fosters excitement and imagination. In order to make spaces look livable and functional, arrange rooms in a way that will maximize efficiency, and don’t be afraid to get creative! For example, simple additions such as window treatments can keep lighting under control and add an element of privacy to your home, so choose which ones look best and have the best functionality.


Keep your cool when carrying out home renovations, and realize not every little thing you want to accomplish can be done, but it’s okay! Don’t remodel with the intention to make it feel like home, that’s not your job. Keep your property up to date and clean, and let the renters take care of the rest.