4 Non-Negotiable Aspects of a Dream Home

4 Non-Negotiable Aspects of a Dream Home

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There are certain things when it comes to your dream home that are non-negotiable in your eyes. When anyone heads out on the hunt for a new home, whether it is their first residence or the purchase of that family dream home they have been working towards for years, there are going to be items that you are looking for. What makes your list though for things that you would like your home to have? Are things such as a fireplace on the list? How about a front porch or a back deck? What homeowners often find is that they will never truly find that home that has everything. Some will require home renovations Jacksonville FL to fulfill your wish list. What are the non-negotiable aspects of your dream home that have to be there, though?

The short list if what you want to focus in on when it comes to your dream home. These are the four or five things that the home has to have, without question, for you to make an offer and follow through with a full purchase and sale agreement. Understanding what your four non-negotiable aspects of your dream home can ease your search a great deal rather than bring to check dozens of things off of your list.

Kitchen Space

There are always ways for you to renovate a home that you are going to buy, but what you usually cannot get easily is space. Think about the kitchen that you want to have in your dream home. What do you want it to look like? Are there particular types of countertops that you would like to have? How about cabinets and the design of those? Are you looking for a rustic or a modern kitchen? You can change up the style of your kitchen with home renovations Jacksonville FL, but the space must exist.

Space can be expensive when it comes to knocking down walls and doing actual additions. When you can just renovate the area that already exists, achieving that dream kitchen is much easier.


Storage is something that is going to be incredibly important whether you live by yourself or you have a big family of your own. Everyone has a lot of stuff, which we all have in common, and you can never have enough storage. You can do a lot of great things when it comes to home renovations Jacksonville Fl to come up with creative organization systems. These systems are only as good as the storage space that exists. When you have a lot of storage, you can do some cool stuff with it in the garage, closets, and so on. A dream home needs to have storage, no matter what.

Deck or Patio, Outdoor Fun

Outdoor entertainment is something that you always want to look for when it comes to finding a dream home in the Jacksonville, FL area. The great thing about living in Florida is that you can be outside year-round, enjoying the sunshine, warm weather, and so on. You can do home renovations Jacksonville FL to add outdoor kitchens to your home, but it starts with having a backyard, a deck, or a patio to allow it to become a reality. This is an excellent way to make it feel like your home has a square footage than it even does with outdoor living space.

Garage or Two

Many do not fully understand the value that comes with having a house with a one or a two-car garage. A garage is large for cars but also can act as a bonus room for games, a workshop, or added creative storage solutions. A dream home should have a garage or two so that you can help to protect your cars and also to give you that added square footage to do what you please with.

A dream home should meet as much of your wish list as possible, but the chances of you were finding a home that has everything is slim. You need to have a short list of must haves so that you can check them off and make sure to start with a home that has the potential to be everything you have always dreamed of and more. We can help you with your home renovations Jacksonville FL needs to make up for anything the new home may be lacking. It is all about starting with space and features you must have out of the gate.