3 Ways to Make Your Home More Handicap Accessible

3 Ways to Make Your Home More Handicap Accessible

hand holding the handrail in the bathroom. Focus on the handrail.


There are times when, based on need, a home is going to have to be made to be handicap accessible.  This could be due to an injury suffered by a homeowner, or simply due to old age.  Though it may sound like a daunting task to take the home that you have and retrofit it so that it is handicap accessible, it can be done.  There are many easy handicap additions Jacksonville FL  that can help make the quality of life much improved.  We at ARC Remodel & Construction have helped many homeowners in this arena, helping them make the house more accessible while avoiding major remodeling projects along the way.  

There are some key areas that you want to focus on in the home regarding handicap additions Jacksonville FL. When you hone in on these areas, you are going to be doing a lot to help make the home easier to enter, navigate, and so on. The easier it is for someone that is handicapped to get around, the more that they are going to be able to enjoy life within it.

Doorway Expansion

One of the ways to help to make a home more handicap accessible is to make it easy to get around the house. Doorways are the focus here, as you are going to want to ensure that they are wide enough so that a wheelchair is going to be able to get through them easily.  This is going to start with the front door of the home and will also include the doorways on the inside of the home.  The cost to widen doorways is going to vary based on the location within the home, but this is one of the easier handicap additions Jacksonville FL that you can make.

Bathroom Additions

There are a few significant additions that you can make to the bathroom that can help someone who is handicapped. The first has to do with the shower.  There are what is known as step-in bathtubs that allow you to swing a door open basically to just walk right in.  This makes them wheelchair-accessible or even walk-in, without having to require you to step over the tub to get inside.  You could even have a bench seat added to help when you need to sit down.

Grab bars are another easy option for handicap additions Jacksonville FL.  The grab bars can be located around the bathroom so that you can hold on to them in the shower, the tub, when getting on and off of the toilet, and so on. These bars are going to be relatively inexpensive and can add a whole new level of safety inside of the home.


The flooring of the home can also be a problem for someone that has a handicap.  If you have thick rug around the home, that is going to be tough to get around on if you have a wheelchair or even a walker.  Think about replacing that flooring with hardwood floors, tiles, laminate, etc.  Floor replacement is one of the handicap additions Jacksonville FL that can also act as an excellent remodel to the home at the same time, making it easier to get around and also improving the visual appeal of the home at the same time.

There is a lot that you can do as a homeowner to add to the home’s handicap accessibility.  We at ARC Remodel & Construction want to give you all of the options for handicap additions Jacksonville FL that we can, and above is just a few of those examples.  Reach out to us and we can work with you on any retrofitting necessary to make it easier to navigate the home.